Founder and CEO of Africa Fashion Week London, Ronke Ademiluyi took a few minutes out of preparing for AFWL in a week to share why she invited Set Fashion Free to showcase and why AFWL is a must attend.

What made you invite Set Fashion Free to showcase at AFWL 2012?
We attended a fashion show at the V&A and we were really impressed not only with the show itself but also with the vision we share with Set Fashion Free.

What are you hoping to see from our young designers?
We are hoping to see a lot of creativity and originality, adding their own touch and bringing their own dynamism to the runway at Africa Fashion Week London.

Why did you start AFWL?
AFWL emerged with the aim to create a global platform for African designers around Africa and in the diaspora to reach an international audience.

Why is it important to promote African or African inspired fashion?
We need Africans in the diaspora to start buying from Africans; we need to support our own and ensure that African fashion designers can support their creativity with a sustainable income.

Why is AFWL a must attend for young Londoners?
Taking place at the grand London Spitalfields, with 20,000 people expected over two days, over 60 designers showcasing and exhibiting their works and numerous media houses covering the event, this will be the biggest fashion show in London during the Olympic season showcasing some of the finest creative work of African fashion.

As a role model, what advice would you give young people wanting to set up a business?
Be very passionate about your business as this is what will keep you going in the face of many obstacles that will come along the way.



Africa Fashion Week London is on at Spitalfields, Brushfield Street 3rd and 4th August 2012. Free, Standard and VIP Tickets available online here

Set Fashion Free will be showcasing at AFWL on 3rd August 12.30pm.